Sinead Hegarty


So a lot of you may have been following from the beginning so you will know my story because as we know I’m not shy of sharing my whole life, from heart breaks, skint life to starting a business but I thought I would just write a little blog about how I have got to where I am now.

When did you start your Instagram/Blogging  journey ?

So I began to gain followers with fashion and fitness, I’ve did a few shred diets that I loved to share and people followed, I didn’t have a great relationship with food when I was younger from binging and starvation so then I decided to gain some knowledge about nutrition which served me a great deal, Instagram taught me that fitness girls eat to get the body they have and not starve themselves so I decided to share the fact that I had upped my calories and got the right nutrition in order to get the body I desired, I was driven by helping others free themselves from such little calories. I thought fitness was my passion but what I grew to realise was that it wasn’t just fitness it was helping girls in all aspects of life. 💪🏻

So anyway this was going on and also some of my photos went viral with my boyfriend at the time. The poor fella I made him match all my clothes so the pictures would pop haha!

But I think the real thing that made my Instagram go crazy was the public break up as of course he was all over my story and we lived together for a few years so he was always there, so we were going travelling and then moving to Sydney within 2 weeks the break up happened and I was on a flight to Singapore without him and I was all over the place, heart broken shitting myself and pretty broke. Eeekkkk I know! so one day I said sod i’m gonna tell everyone how I feel and tell them its OK and i’m gonna fight for my life here and troop on. And that’s exactly what I did I trooped on travelling alone and kept reading and studying human behaviour to help me get through the tough time, I shared my whole journey from that down time to where I am now. its been a hard journey but I made it out with a load of knowledge ready to guide all my followers.

As I travelled when I was also going through this dark time I became obsessed with human behaviour after this I could quickly grasp all the material and break it down for my audience to understand easily, people began to message me with thanks and praises for showing them the information and changing their mindsets and this feeling gave me a fire in my tummy I had figured out my life’s purpose! Nothing could stop me I was doing this for free and absolutely loving it so I knew I had to begin to find a way to make this my career. 🧠

I continued to travel and blog without any sponsorship working in bars and even did my farm work in Australia (Check my FARM FUN highlight if you want a giggle) etc. up until April this year when I received my first Influencing partnership which is amazing because I get paid to talk about the products I truly use and believe in. I decided to quit my bar job and live in Thailand on my blogging wage so I could tap into my creative energy, as living in Sydney on the wage wasn’t possible and working for someone else was draining, so I basically cut the strings and went for it. As I planned I tapped into my creative flow to find a business idea, I decided to go back to Ireland to find out how to start a business as I can’t lie I haven’t a clue and I had great help from a company called GOFORIT (will do a separate blog on this).

So that brings me to my business which is SYGOL LTD and BRAVE, my first event is my retreat in Thailand you can check it out on this website, its basically to get girls solo travelling and getting them out of their comfort zones. Brave Brunch’s and events is to help girls be brave and set goals and meet new friends on the same path, I’m currently writing talks and seminars for all of them so lets see where it takes me, my passion is mindset and the brain as I seem to grasp all the information so well and break it down so everyone can understand.

I also have great passion in motivational speaking currently working on one right now for attention spans and tools to prevent anxiety.

At the moment I’m studying psychology, I will then move on to other course such an emotional intelligence etc. So watch this space✨