Atomic Habits

Jordan Peterson, wow what an interesting take on life. I really urge you to read the introduction in this book as it gives you an insight into Peterson and his deep understanding of the world. I noticed we had a similar thinking pattern, we both love to think deep into our subconscious and see what we can make of certain situations.

He is a very well known psychologist, but he is known for his interpretations. He interprets the bible and wow that challenged all my beliefs and I love to be challenged, he broke down certain stories from the bible such as Adam and Eve to show you that they were metaphors and stories used to describe consciousness. 

He has a witty sense of humour and has a great play on words. Although some of the reading may be tough due to psychology jargon, I believe what he has to say has been beneficial to my life and has taught me enough to recommend it.  I have taken a few lessons for his 12 rules of life and will use them when chaos hits in my life so it is worth a read. 

I wouldn’t recommend this book as your first book to teach you about being. If your looking a simpler take on being and spiritually I would suggest The Power of Now.

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