Atomic Habits

My mum is ready to write a personal thank you letter to the author of this book guys!

I don’t know if any of you know this about me but wow, I’m messy, unorganised and lazy.

Now this was something I was willing to accept I used to tell my past partners “this is just me you have to accept I’m messy”.

So, I bought this book as I literally just seen it on someone’s story, I actually didn’t have a clue it was about changing bad habits and making good ones despite the title being “Atomic habits” lol.

I thought it was just another motivational book. If I would have known it was to make me “less messy” and “more organised “I probably wouldn’t have even purchased it as at 27 years old I just sort of gave up on the trying to be organised thing!

But wow the way this book has changed my life is shocking. It’s basically turned good habits automatic in my brain that I don’t even know I’m doing it. I used to leave crap at my arse and say “I’ll clean it tomorrow “and now with the techniques in this book such a “habit building “it’s like my room is never messy.

For example:

When I pull my blind up, I have to do 3 things straight after it. So, blinds up- bed made -anything on the floor put away. I did this for a while, and it felt like effort, but it has now put an automatic trigger in my brain that I don’t even notice I’m doing it and it doesn’t feel like effort now at all.

It also taught me to train my brain to make it stronger with decision making, which for me defiantly has helped with my food intake. I used to eat until I couldn’t move and now I know that if I tell my brain no it actually trains it to be stronger to say no more and more to the point it’s automatic.

If you’re interested in changing your bad habits and developing good ones such as the “2 minute rule“ I talk about then this is the book for you!

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