Everything is F*cked

Mark Manson is one of my favorite authors. I swear I would marry his brain. This book is his philosophy of life, he has so many ideas on how to get the best out of life and they really get your brain working. I love to hear different views of how we should live and he certainly gives you a lot to comprehend in this book from his view of how to be happier to his predictions of the future. He also outs the emotional and the thinking brain into terms everyone can understand and when he understands these two brains we can merge them together to obtain emotional stability. If you like to think and some better conversations with people this is a great read!


Favorite quotes from this book


Trying to eliminate pain only increases your sensitivity of suffering 


Why don’t we think of the whole healthy working body? We only concentrate on the shoe that is pinching our tiny toe 


No matter what the situation our brains will automatically adjust its expectations to bring on hope for something else. As we need hope to function 


Meditation is confronting your pain in order to bring everything to the surface. Emotions, thoughts, fantasy so you gain strength when they arise again. 


The Quality of our lives is determined by the Quality of our character and the quality of our character is determined by the Quality of our relationship with pain 


Pain is the source of all value 


When we deny ourselves to feel pain for a purpose we deny ourselves the ability to feel any purpose at all


Real freedom requires nothing of the world 


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