Laws of Human Nature

So it’s official this has been my favourite book to read to date.

If you want to know how humans work then this is the book for you it will teach to dissect human behaviour in others and in yourself in order to produce a better quality of life as you will use the 18 laws to your advantage with work, relationships and business. 

I found reading this book has given me more of an insight into humans than anything i have ever studied and i really resonated with each law. I could choose people in my life and put them in a category and had all the tools on how to deal with them. I found the law of envy the most powerful as it taught me how to deal with toxic influences in my life. I break down the ency law in my instagram highlights.

I also overcame my own battles by dissecting my own behaviour. He talks about the human dark side in all of us and how to use it to our advantage. I Also enjoyed learning about  my inner authority as I noticed it would sometimes sway towards my lower self (basically being lazy) as soon as i recognised and understood my inner authority and how it works i was able to master it and become a very productive individual. I break down inner authority in my instagram highlights.

I was taught all about my emotions and how to master them all. I am now more empathetic towards others and barely get angry or frustrated with others as I know what’s going on in their head. So if you have any sort of aggression he will show you how to deal with it and use it to your advantage by pouring into your passions.

Purpose was a main feature in this book, if you are not living in your purpose this book will wake you up to that fact with some harsh truths, however once you are awoken to this information you will start the process of searching for your purpose which has completely driven me to where i am today. There are plenty of strategies to start you on your path to purpose.

The book has some long winded stories about historical characters such as abraham lincoln and coco chanel that he breaks apart to give you an interpretation of certain types of human behaviour such a envy traits and aggressiveness, however as i read through a few of them stories i found myself skipping straight to the interpretation as they didn’t seem that relevant to me, i was able to soak up all the knowledge without the storytelling so you may want to do something similar as the book is 700 pages after all.

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