The Chimp Paradox

Are you a psycho? Are you out of control with your emotions and don’t know why you get anxiety!

This book lets you know all about your emotions and what goes on in your brain!

As I’ve have studied a lot of the brain, I’m very familiar with these triggers etc however this was brilliant for breaking it down in simple terms so we can all understand why we do the things we do.

It made me understand other people’s emotions as well as my own and taught me to have a great deal of compassion for others.

It has improved my relationships greatly with others. After you read this book it’s like you can see into your brain and see why you are reacting in certain ways. It makes you very aware that your thoughts are just thoughts.

It also taught me how to put in place better habits and how to keep them in the automatic part of my brain so they are repeated without effort. So, this book definitely made me more productive with work.

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