Atomic Habits

As I was doing a sober 40 days for lent I decided to pair it with a book to help me through the challenge. 

If you know me, you know I love a good sesh, it was necessary I had something to give me strength through the 40 days 

I can confidently say that this book is the reason I have kept sober, it’s a real eye opener. Not only does it tell you the negative effects of alcohol but it gives you tips to help you through the tough times . 

I found it difficult to go out to a bar as It felt strange to dance. The book gave me all the tools I need to let go of the fear of sober dancing and interacting. This is something I have never done before EVER! I've always given in to a little bevy in the bar and now I feel I can spend time with friends sober if I choose to after the challenge. 

The author is actually a local Irish girl telling her story as an addict, she has been very brave to share her story from her one night stands to her boozy holidays it's quite the page turner. 

Worth the read to just know the effects of alcohol on the brain and the f**The alcohol industry really is. It has single handedly changed my view on alcohol forever and I will forever have a completely different view of it.

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