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Are you Causing your own Anger?

mental health Jul 23, 2020


As you may know, I classify myself as a student of human nature each and every day by inspecting my own thoughts and studying my interactions with others. With this email, I simply want to bring forth my findings to make you aware of your own actions to get you thinking and reflecting in order to get to know yourself better.


When you know yourself, you can set yourself free. You won’t give a shit of what someone else thinks of you because you’ve studied your own self and accepted your own flaws and mistakes. The only person that will be able to judge you is you. When you free yourself from other people’s judgment you can truly search inside that beautiful mind of yours and seek out what you truly desire- because I know there is something you love to do but you’re scared of what other people think. But fuck what other people think. Your here on this earth to live, expand, grow, and see what the sexy mind can do.


So today is about understanding that trying to control another person is only causing your own headache and maybe even driving a wedge in your relationships.


Last week I was home in Tyrone with my 2 favorite subjects Mum and Dad 


I observe mum giving herself a headache as I hadn’t packed my suitcase 2 hours before the bus. ‘Sinead get up them bloody stairs now and pack your bag or you will miss the bus!’


Anyone who knows me knows that I am a last-minute sally. I’ve packed up my whole life numerous times and moved across the entire world in 20 minutes. ( pretty impressive if you ask me)


So, here mum is getting so angry. I can see the vein popping out of her head. The old me would have started shouting ‘Mum! Leave me alone! You’re so annoying!’ and I would have stomped angrily up the stairs and maybe not spoke to her for a while. But the new me observes her state and thinks ‘oh material for my newsletter’


So now mum has put her self in this state. She’s got these eyes that want to get the wooden spoon out and chase me up the stairs until I lock myself in the bathroom.


She’s angry. What is anger? Anger is mostly punishing yourself for someone else mistake. My mum is punishing her state because I may miss the bus and so what if I miss the bus? That’s my problem, not hers! Do you get what I’m saying here peeps?


So what can she do here? She cannot control my actions, she can only inspire. She can simply inspire me to not miss this bus by stating it would be less stressful for me to pack early. Then she can go on with her day and not have a fight with me. If I miss my bus then sure we’ll deal with it at the time. Mum must also understand that her rules aren’t the same as mine and when she gets angry at me I feel unaccepted and we must accept all our loved ones flaws and all.


When we accept our loved one’s flaws and all, they begin to flourish.


Today’s journal prompt


I want you to reflect on all the times you tried to control someone’s actions and how it caused you to anger and resentment. Also, think about how it affected your relationship with that person and how they might feel unaccepted.


Maybe your boyfriend was eating sweets before the nice dinner you made him and you flipped the lid ‘Stop eating sweets you are gonna ruin your bloody dinner!!’ the next thing he’s angry because you’re telling him what to do. Next thing you’re over in your friend lauras house sulking about him.


Next, I want you to reflect on how you could have stopped trying to control that person and instead inspire them by understanding your emotions. You could have stated to your boyfriend the hard work you put in for dinner and that it would mean so much to you if he would refrain from the sweets, and if he still eats the sweets, let him! If he ruins his own dinner then that’s his problem and you just enjoy your lovely dinner together without ending up at Lauras with a tub of Ben and Jerry’s!.


P.S. If you could see what anger and resentment does for your body you will bloody well want to resolve it and break free. Begin to break free in your journal today.


P.S.S. I have a full chapter on taking control of your own state in my E-book. Click here to be sound and buy it :)


Sinead ‘ Has ended up at lauras house too much had to study humans’ Hegarty

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