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Your Red Bottom Heels Wont Help You Now quarantine

What we have learnt from this pandemic is this;







All these things have no power in the end . What has power ? 




I have the rich, the famous and the successful people contacting me for help in this time....

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Go to your happy place quarantine

Now I know some of you haven't been taking my advice on meditation

I know this as for years I was reading the benefits of meditation and saying

“Oh what a load of hu-ha I don't have time to think of nothing and I don't want to either’

But the more I saw it repeated over and over again...

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Sinead's Search for Meaning quarantine

I've been doing my 5km runs whilst listening to audio books.


Each run is about 30 minutes

One audio book is on average 5-6 hours 

You can absorb 2-3 books a month and burn 9,000 calories at the same time.


My audio book of choice this week is Man's Search For Meaning, I'm half...

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It's Ok To F**k Up quarantine

I know some people look at me and I think i've got my shit together


I definitely do not have my shit together, Its simply 27 years of trial and error 

Questions in my inbox this week 


‘Sinead I'm so demotivated, I can't get into a routine’


All my...

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Eating Everything in sight? quarantine

Many people are asking how to stop emotional eating in this pandemic i'm going to give you a reason why you may be emotional eating


Eating prompts the brain the release some happy hormones called endorphins


So because you are ‘bored’ and not getting endorphins from...

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He will face a battle he knows not quarantine

We must always be ready for battle ,the battle we know not of.

This is something I've been fighting for the last few years , for schools to introduce some sort of awareness that not everything is fine and dandy and that we need to be taught how to deal with life's chaos.

In my young years i always...

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Welcome quarantine relationship spiritual

Yes I finally have a website!

You will have to bare with me as Im doing it all myself and I’m not the best with computers , I am actually pretty proud of my little site so far , You can probably see from my menu bar that I have plenty more to come including my Agony Aunt column, Im going to...

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