Sinead's Search for Meaning

quarantine Jun 08, 2020

I've been doing my 5km runs whilst listening to audio books.


Each run is about 30 minutes

One audio book is on average 5-6 hours 

You can absorb 2-3 books a month and burn 9,000 calories at the same time.


My audio book of choice this week is Man's Search For Meaning, I'm half way through and believe it's so relevant for this time.


It's a psychologist who spent time in concentration camps and endured terrible suffering. He tells the story of how he got through such horrible times with the power of meaning. 


He said many gave up hope and their thoughts ate them alive but the people who had meaning and a reason for their suffering were the ones that made it through. 


He gave the suffering a meaning, he decided there and then in the midst of the concentration camp that he was to survive this ordeal in order to teach others about meaning and this got him through each day. With a future goal and finding meaning in small tasks he got through the suffering.


Having the future in mind can motivate us. Small daily targets can give us meaning and motivation. I'm giving all my family members little tasks to give their day meaning to get them through this lockdown .


I told my granny to make me her homemade soup 

I told mum we would do an online drawing class together

I told dad I need a bookshelf 


I also wanted to give running a meaning because I'm not a fan of it, So today I decided to start a running challenge. That each day I would improve my running. I wrote in my goals for the month of April that I would complete 5k in 23 minutes. 


So if anyone wants to do it with me give me a tag #5kaDay


Give your day a little meaning.