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Don't be Selfish

mental health Aug 09, 2020

Don't Be Selfish, Share your Gift


Imposter syndrome is something we all suffer with. I dunno about you but I definitely doubt myself and my abilities and sometimes think why the hell would people listen to me.


So this week I booked myself a studio space to have a little woman circle in Dublin. I’ve been putting off face to face classes for so long because it scares the living daylights out of me. I’m very comfortable behind my little screen with only Siobhan watching me speak.


If you’ve followed me for a while you know I suffer from public speaking anxiety along with internal panic attacks on stage but this is something I’ve been working on breaking through for a while now and performing my own class is a stepping stone.


The way we break through fear is to do the things we fear the most to realise our fears are grossly exaggerated by our minds.


I worry about my own ability to help others in person even though I received countless emails telling me I have helped in some way online. This is imposter syndrome.


imposter syndrome:

the persistent inability to believe that one's success is deserved or has been legitimately achieved as a result of one's own efforts or skills.


As I struggle with going forward with live events someone asked me… What is your knowledge out of ten in the particular subject of mindset?

I answered with a 7. I truly do feel I have tools to help people have better mindsets but do I have enough to help others? This is what is holding me back. Trying to be bloody perfect when perfect doesn’t exist!


I want you to ask yourself if there is something you want to do. Maybe you want to be a PT, maybe your good at cooking and nutrition, maybe business mentoring or maybe like me you just want to help others and teach what you know best. Now ask yourself how much out of ten are your abilities and knowledge on this subject.


So even if you are a 5,6 or 7 you must realise that most people would be a 1,2 or at most a 4 on these subjects. So in truth, you would be bloody selfish to not share your knowledge with these people. People need us. If one girl in my class this weeks hears one thing that changes her perspective then I will be fulfilled. So if I was to let imposter syndrome take over I would be denying that girl that beautiful perspective on life.


Don’t be selfish, share your gift


Journal Prompt


What is stopping you from your dream life?



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