Go to your happy place

quarantine Jun 08, 2020

Now I know some of you haven't been taking my advice on meditation

I know this as for years I was reading the benefits of meditation and saying

“Oh what a load of hu-ha I don't have time to think of nothing and I don't want to either’

But the more I saw it repeated over and over again in books I thought ok what the hell I'll give it a shot.

It was so difficult at the beginning, I didn't have a clue if I was doing it right, then worrying that I wasn't doing it right. Trust me if you're doing it in any way you are doing it right!

I've decided I'm going to repeat myself over and over again until you get the bloody point because what it does for you in the long term is magnificent!

With all the chaos right now we need to turn inward to our happy place. Make your mind a little safe haven you can always return to when the world is bat shit crazy!

Today I've attached a meditation for you where you can ask questions to your spirit guide, ask them anything, even just being in their presence it's so soothing.

I went to my spirit guide today again to ask for help. My spirit guide is my dear friend Matty who passed away so sometimes I get emotional in that meditation but it's a beautiful emotion. He has been guiding me for years, when I'm not on the right path such as procrastinating I feel a slight shift in my energy telling me no sinead go to the computer.

Think about my decisions each day? As a blogger, I can easily just be a blogger and get money to wear a bikini but instead, I put myself out there into the world of mental health and dealing with emotions. I get penalized each day from people ‘leave it to the professionals to give out advice’ ‘ you're not qualified’. Negative comments flow in each day I could run and cocoon and as I've said get paid to wear a bikini.

However, my purpose has been set and I feel this pulling sensation towards this area despite the criticisms. That's what happens when you search for purpose, but the sensation of helping others and contributing to the world wins over those sly comments!

So sometimes when I feel anxious I know it's him knocking saying

‘Oi Sinead your not living to your full potential go and change the world, your safe I got you’

Today I was so soothed in my happy place and it took me right out of the world's chaos and I want you also to feel this within your day.

This is 13 minutes, be open-minded, and know all the answers come from you, you just got to stop bombarding that mind with constant content and see what's in there.