He will face a battle he knows not

quarantine Jun 05, 2020

We must always be ready for battle ,the battle we know not of.

This is something I've been fighting for the last few years , for schools to introduce some sort of awareness that not everything is fine and dandy and that we need to be taught how to deal with life's chaos.

In my young years i always believed this was my timeline 

Good grades- good job- good husband- nice house- healthy kids- pension 

I was in dreamland! 

When I entered the real world I was faced with tragedy, one tragedy was enough to crumble my world.

My own brain was not equipped to deal with the battles of the real world. It took me years to gain control of my emotional state. 

I fought internally and gathered all the tools to help me deal with life chaos. I became stronger and realised that there will always be a battle whether it be financial struggles, loss of a loved one or a f**king GLOBAL PANDEMIC!

Are you struggling? then this is your time to prepare yourself not only during this pandemic but for all the battles there is to come because you are deluded if you think you wont face a battle.

When we are ready for battle, we welcome obstacles as we see them as a way to learn and better ourselves.

‘Come on, hurt me I dare you!’ (ps I've always wanted my book to be called this)

We would be crazy to want to face difficulties in life, But we would be bat shit crazy to think it isn't going to happen. That's why when it knocks on our doors, we can be bloody well prepared to answer!

Here are the books that strengthened my soul and prepared me mentally for any obstacles

Awaken the giant within

The 4 agreements

Lost connections

Unlimited power