Australia - Packing Guide

travel Mar 09, 2020

So everyone panicked when they need to pack their whole life for a move and a lot of people ask me how I pack my whole life into one suitcase so I thought I would share some insights:

  • Primark/penny’s is your best friend and they don’t have it in Australia so get some jackets and hoodies from there as they are cheap , other things I suggest is getting a your fiddly bits like sharpeners, nail clippers , make up brushes etc from there and little simple shorts, vests and t-shirts. Scrunchies for your hair also come in handy.
  • Buying a whole new wardrobe to travel to Australia isn’t needed as they have PrettyLittleThing thing delivered in days so I always just packs a few bikinis and outfits and then make a delivery to Australia that way you don’t have to Pay massive package costs . You can use my af link if you like they are very cheap and deliver quite quickly to Australia.
  • Buy a decent shampoo and conditioner from a salon that a hairdresser suggests as the water can be different and the sun can be harsh , also the hair products are quite expensive over there. Bring a hair tool I use my Voduz of course the hairdryer is light and compact with great power and the straightener can curl and straighten, saves you  bringing a number heavy tools with you , they also have the minis which are great for traveling and when in Bali my hair would get frizzy on the nights out so it’s hand for your bag . Also you can get travel size heat sprays in boots to spray on your hair before you go in the sun.
  • Get a comfy tracksuit for your airport journeys here is the one I wear on the plane.
  • I wouldn’t suggest a white bikini if your going to Thailand and Bali when you get the washed in the launderettes they don’t turn out the was your mum’s whites come out.
  • Flowy dresses and skirts in your flying a lot they come in handy when your feeling swollen from the  flights.
  • In your carry on bring some fluffy socks, toothpaste, toothbrush and face wipes to freshen up that poonanny.
  • A under the arm shoulder bag you can hide them under your jacket or hoodies so you can have that extra little bag.
  • I know some people think it’s silly but a teddy 😭 you need a little companion if your travelling alone and it makes a great pillow for the plane.
  • Get the best neck pillow. Splash out for a memory foam one. You need that sleep on the plane if you wanna enjoy your time in each place you sit. Want to be feeling like shit and having a sore neck.
  • Get yourself some wireless headphones as you’ll be carrying bags so you won’t want lead’s I got mine in Kmart for ten dollars and I know they do them in primark for under a tenner too.
  • Really good SPF for your face with zinc, ask your facialist, get a good one !! We don’t want to be ageing unnecessarily, trust me I didn’t use it before when I worked on the farm in Australia and I paid for it I felt like I ages about ten years after haha.
  • Decent back pack with loads of pockets, most airlines allow a suitcase and a pack back for your hand luggage so get yourself a good one.
  • Revolut card is so necessary, it’s a card where you can change all your currencys with the best rate, you can change your money quick and easy no need to wait for transfer, you can also tap it anywhere without charge and send money to your friends at a drop of hat its easy and will save you a lot of money and time.
  • Your gym gear , Myprotein do deliver there but they charge a little extra for delivery and its takes a little longer so get your gym gear before you go, you can use my AF link and use SINEAD for 35% off!