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Bored Monday Email?

motivation Jun 08, 2020


I keep seeing the word “Bored’ all day as people are now self-isolating.

I want to tell you why I removed this word from my vocabulary

I haven't said ‘I'm bored’ in 2 years

I decided to always be a student every day, there is always something new to learn each day so if you are ‘Bored’ pick a subject and go and research.

At the moment I am studying attraction and love, I type these words into Youtube and watch TED talks, I then move to written research and my books.

There is no such thing as being a master of a field, you can always learn more.

You must realize an ‘expert’ is only someone who knows something more than another person, They don't know everything about that subject, they continue to learn each day and that's why they succeed in their field of expertise.

You can be a student at any point of the day. A question someone asked me the other day

‘How do you deal with someone you don't particularly like in a social situation?‘

I see myself as a student of human nature when I am in the presence of someone I don't see eye to eye with. I observe their mannerisms and the way they talk to another and try to work out why they are like this. I also note the behaviours and how it displeases me and make sure I never act like this to another.

My mental notes are something like this;

This person is always boasting about how much money they have, their famous friends and all their nice trips. It seems very unauthentic to me, I'm not enjoying being in the presence of this person.

Mental notes to myself

Never boast about money and possessions, no one wants to hear it.
I feel this person may be boasting as they might feel inferior to me, so to level up in identity they begin to boast. They, in fact, aren't annoying and flashy, they simply feel inferior and insecure so they do this to make themselves feel better. I should make them feel better and tell them something that makes me sound human.
No one is superior to anyone as we are all made up of the same atoms so there is no need to try and level up, never feel like you have to boast about your life to anyone in order to reach the same level of identity.
Hopefully, you get my point, basically, every day is an opportunity to learn something so remove ‘bored’ from your vocabulary with me!

If you are interested in studying human behaviour I highly suggest ‘The laws of human nature’

it will arm you with great knowledge about all humans.


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