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Digital Detox

mental health Jul 23, 2020

Every now and then I have a digital detox, Actually the last time I did 4 days.


But why?


The reason is this- picking up my phone has become a bad habit, I do not need to be on my phone for 8 hours a day I can easily fit all my work and social time into 2-4 hours screen time but picking up my phone is just a habit, I know its a habit because I keep going to pick it up unconsciously when I don't have it.


Iphones are designed to get you hooked, the Face ID feature makes it so accessible to get into your phone that you're not even aware you are doing it. This is why I recommend people to change the face ID and go back to the good old days of typing in your password and really asking yourself;


‘Where do you I want my attention to be?’’


If you truly need to be on your phone then happy days get cracking, but if your sitting with a friend your attention should be interacting and engaging with them as human connection actually decreases anxiety.


Using your phone whilst in the presence of others is called Phubbing It’s extremely rude and we should be more aware of phubbing throughout the day. Let your peers know this word to bring awareness to phone addiction.


When we are constantly bombarded with content we cannot look inner and monitor our own thoughts. If we paid as much attention to ourselves that we did to our phones we would have it all sussed out.


Stop looking at other peoples dog photos and start talking to yourself,


‘What made me feel good today? oh walking, ok I’ll do that tomorrow as well’


‘What made me feel bad today? procrastinating and not getting finishing a task, ok tomorrow I will set a smaller task and finish it’


Inspecting your own thoughts will rocket all your desires -what you like, and what you don't like. Then you can evaluate each day and make the next day a better one!


Take time off your phone and start journaling. Then you're in charge of your day.


My job is to help you guys improve your mental health and putting down your phone will do just that.


A book that helped me with tear away from my phone addiction is How To Break Up With Your Phone by Catherine Price, it’s short and snappy and will help you with your attention.


Sinead  ‘ enjoying my digital detox too much I might never come back ’  Hegarty


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