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Do you really know your loved ones?

relationship Jun 08, 2020

We think we know our loved ones pretty well, but in fact, some of us don't ask enough questions.

Do you know what your partner's perfect day looks like?

Do you know your mum's, first love?

Do you know what your dad's first job was and any funny stories to go along with it?

Do you know your partner's most treasured memory

Do you know if your partner is an extrovert or an introvert?

There are so many conversations we are yet to have that can make us have closer relationships, we can sometimes be stuck in the everyday rat race and all we ask is ‘what's for dinner?’

After my travels, I was so open and was so intrigued by people and when I came home I discovered how little I knew about my loved ones. I started to ask questions, I found out the most random facts about my family that helped me become closer to them. For example when you know your partner is an introvert you can treat him differently. Instead of pushing him to speak out more at parties and be more social you realise that it's not that he can't, he just doesn't want to and then you can stop pressuring him and accept him as a whole. We all have deficits in our personality and if we know this information it's easier to have a smooth relationship. I, for example, can be a little sloppy but if you knew how I grew up that my mum cleaned every crumb after me and I didn’t have a clue how to even put the wash machine on you might see it a bit different and instead of bitching about me you could help me learn and we could use it as a bonding exercise. 

There are plenty of online questionnaires to ask your loved ones, here is one I used recently with someone I was dating. It really helped me determine if we were compatible.

36 Questions Of Love

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