Don't Be Afraid To Live

motivation Jun 08, 2020

Don’t be scared to live,

It's what we are here for.


I see a number of people fearing to share their gifts;


Great Singers afraid of singing

Great make-up artists afraid of doing tutorials 

Great writers afraid to showcase their work

Great personal trainers afraid to do online work-outs 

People with amazing ideas afraid to start a business

People that have overcome pain afraid of sharing their journey


If something makes you feel alive- You must remember that is why we are here. We are here to experience joy and feel good and use our uniqueness to help others. If you have helped someone with your gift; may it be helping them lose weight or showing them how to do their make-up and this makes you feel good and warm inside then why aren't you doing it?


I will tell you why. We hold back on the things that make us feel alive because we fear the judgment of others!


Do not let the judgment of others stop you from feeling alive!


This came to me yesterday as I was sent a tweet where a girl wrote a comment about me saying I shouldn't be allowed to talk about anxiety just because I’ve read a few books. 


Helping others relieve the negative thoughts in their brain makes me feel alive. When I receive a message from someone saying I have changed their life it brings me such a joy and purpose! Everything I write for you guys is something I wish I had read in my times of darkness. That is my purpose. So I will never let anyone's judgement stop me from living.


Anyone who chooses to tear you down is more than likely dealing with their own internal struggles. Don’t retaliate in hate. Respond with love and kindness. Today I will think of this girl in my love and kindness meditation and choose to give her healing energy.


Task for today


Listen to this meditation and think of someone who you have tension with or someone who projects negativity. Give them love and kindness in the meditation and wish them well.


The universe works in mysterious ways- Thank you universe for bringing forth that negative judgment so I could write this email and hopefully some of you may be inspired to start living!

Sinead ‘You Can't touch Me’ Hegarty