travel Mar 09, 2020

Now I didn’t think I was going to like Dubai , as someone said to me once “Sinead you wouldn’t like Dubai as its very materialistic “and we all know I don’t own many materialistic items, I’ve  been living out of one suitcase for the past 7 years. So then I had this idea in my head that if I went there I would be very separated from the crowd, I imagined me sitting at the bar with my drink while others were all in kabanas and drinking expensive drinks but boy I was wrong! Everyone was the same we all were drinking together and having fun I felt to inferiority at all, there seems to be a lot if people similar to me and a hell a lot of Irish to talk too. I had an amazing time and also realised its not as expensive as what I thought!

The Brunches

So these brunches happen all day and night, so you can chose a time that suits you to go, you get unlimited food and drink for a certain price so i’ll just mention the ones I attended:

Carnival by CandyPants in the FIVE

So it worked out around 50 pound that includes your drink and food up until 11pm, it was a great deal although service was a little slow but I know that this was the opening of it so ill cut them some slack , think I was just raging I couldn’t get shots to be fair haha. The location is amazing, its outdoor and indoor with a pool and a Mexican vibe and the food was 10/10!

Zero Gravity

Now this place is on another level!

Id never seen any videos or pictures ( I like to be surprised) so walking into the venue my jaw was dropping on the floor, The price was £60 per person for unlimited food and drink, and this wasn’t burgers and chips and a beer this was the real deal, any cocktail or drink you desired with all types of food to sushi, curry’s, western you name it!

The bars were not crowded so it was easy to get a drink the service was fantastic and the view couldn’t be more Instagram worthy, they have DJs and a pool, its just amazing not to mention everyone as equal drinking out of our pineapple cups no one sitting separate with their don peri, I mean you could if you wanted to don’t get me wrong but drinking out of a plastic refillable pineapple is much more fun!

The Desert

I booked with a company called Arabian tours to go visit the desert it worked out at only £35 each , they pick you up and your hotel an drive you to the desert. Now rocking over sand dunes hungover wasn’t the great for the dodgy stomach but I made it none the less and it was great craic! (My friend on the other hand left a little pile of vomit for the camels)

So you get to race over the desert which is stunning, there is camels that you can ride, (I chose not too) then you go sand-boarding but bring trainers if you want to do it properly I only had sliders and was raging I couldn’t stand up properly, I was ready to steal the show.

Then at the camp you get some lunch, the camp Is beautiful I would bring some outfit changes with you if you would like to get some content there is great picture locations. Then that’s you guys finished around 1pm the day is still young and they leave you straight back to your hotel.

Is Dubai Strict?

I found it to not be strict at all, maybe I was in different places but it seemed very chilled, I mean I wouldn’t be rocking around in a bralette and shorts but apart from that you are fine.

What are the People like?

Super super friendly and you are not alone Irish are everywhere and everyone there is open minded and free spirited.


Guys unfortunately I don’t have too much info on accommodation because I stayed with a friend that works for emirates it was pretty far out to everything but I didn’t find the taxis to be too expensive.

Is it Safe?

Well I couldn’t believe that people just leave their handbags down and walk away its crazy, but I also just did that, it was entirely safe in my eyes.