How to make your home happy

relationship Jun 08, 2020


So the past few days i've been talking about ways to manage your home in this pandemic,


At this moment, we must accept the current circumstances of staying at home. If we are not accepting then we are resisting and resisting is only straining your brain. When we face a mental battle we must first accept the situation but our job as mindful humans is to reach for thoughts that make us feel better not worse. 


From now on I want you to program your mind to look for what's right today and not what's wrong. Where you bring you attention determines how you feel.




So after acceptance we make the most of this situation, when you wake up i want you to say 


‘Today is going to be a good day’


Say to your household in the morning to set your mental state right. This is a very simple way to train your brain to look for what's right.


At the end of the day i want you to journal and reflect on the day and ask 


‘What went well today?’


Again ask your household these questions in the evening and they will be searching for what went right and training their brain to get rid of any automatic negative thought patterns. This takes all of 3 minutes and within 30 days of the habit it has been known to decrease depression. So keep don't miss a day !


Happiness vouchers


A lovely way to have a happy home to to introduce happiness vouchers, ask a family member 


‘What is something that will make your day better?’


When they state this, maybe if they don't want to wash the dishes today , then you simply do the dishes. Something so small will make another happy and easier to live with. Now you can start thinking about your happiness voucher.  It's a win! Win!

If you want to know more about how to get rid of ANTS (automatic negative thoughts) I suggest reading The End of Mental Illness 

Sinead Heg