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How to Manifest

spiritual Jun 08, 2020

‘Im Fed up with not getting the job!’


A woman messaged me this above sentence and I was inspired to write this email and thought I could help ease the pain and help guide her thoughts.


All I hear in this sentence is resistance, resistance to the universe and the law of attraction.


Law of Attraction and manifesting isn't about just saying you want something and then poof! -Just by magic it’s there. ( This isn't an episode of sabrina the teenage witch- although I am guilty of trying  to point my finger at many boys to make them disappear )


So when you ask the universe for something, believe it or not the universe has begun manifesting straight away It is then you who must align your thoughts in order to receive what you have asked for.


This woman is fighting her thoughts in her own head, causing herself a headache by just thinking. 


She must have faith in the universe and believe it is delivering. Maybe she has asked the universe for happiness once. Her not getting that job could be the universe delivering- as that job might have a toxic work force that in time would have made her unhappy. 


Her thoughts should align like so;


I didn't get the job, this means it wasn't meant for me the universe has something better in store for me.


You see!- by saying that she has released all resistance, she then fills her brain with exciting positive energy, maybe she asked the universe for love once and maybe the love of her life is waiting for her at the next job interview. Do you see the shift in energy and frequency ? All these thoughts she has reached now make her feel good! 


You must accept all good and bad experiences and choose the thoughts that make you feel good. When you feel good, you are aligned and the universe will then deliver.


All I know about the law of attraction and manifesting has come from the book Ask And It Is Given. However recently I have started reading Super Attractor by Gabby Bernstein and I find she is explaining manifesting in very simple terms for you all to understand.


I want to say a quick thank you for using my Affiliate links for the books I suggest. I want you know this month I donated the commission to my local community who are volunteering to cook the vulnerable dinner each day in this current pandemic.

Sending you lots of positive energy 


Sinead ‘ The non resistor’ Hegarty

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