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It's Possible

motivation Jun 08, 2020

‘ No, I couldn't do what she does’


‘ I would love to do that,but it's not in my nature’


The only thing holding you back from your dream, is your own belief that you don't deserve it.


We are all made up of the same substances and we are all wired with the same neurology, but for some reason you think she is more worthy than you!




If someone has done it before you, you better well believe that it's possible for you too!


When you see someone you admire pursuing their dream, all you have to do is model their behavior.


If I ask you to bake me the best chocolate brownie in the world would you be able to do that ?


No ? ok, so, what if I gave you the step by step recipe of the best brownie in the world. The exact amount of chocolate to the exact baking time. You would actually have made the best brownie in the world all because you followed the exact steps.


So don’t sit there and say you can't start your business or you can't write a book. If you model the exact behaviour of someone who started a business you would start a business, if you modelled the exact behaviour of someone who wrote a book, you can write a damn book!


The difference is that person said;


‘It’s possible’


They changed their brain language, and their brain believed it.



I want you to say each morning ‘it's possible’ five fucking times! You can see I mean business if its five fucking times. I then want you to type into youtube ‘Motivational speech’ because if you can't give yourself a motivational speech, someone else can. I want you to listen to that and believe that if you start telling yourself ‘it's possible’ you can do anything.


Sinead ‘its fucking possible’ Hegarty

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