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Later Means Never

motivation Jun 08, 2020

Stop telling yourself you're going to do the workout later? read the book later? do the course later?

Take action now, write down exactly what you're going to do tomorrow in a schedule and hold yourself to this schedule. Tell someone your schedule or get someone to do it with you so become accountable.

I’m speaking from my experience yesterday, I thought I wouldn’t schedule my day yesterday because;

“Well I can't go outside as I’m in quarantine so ill get it all done at some point or later"

Nope! I spent the day worrying and scrolling on my phone instead of being productive. I gave into my lower self, and what happens when you give in to your lower self, you feel this little pit of anxiety as you know you can do better! You know deep down that pit of anxiety isn't for no reason, its a call to listen to your potential!

Listen to your little pit and get it done!

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