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Mind Your Language

motivation Jun 11, 2020

Person 1

‘Oh isn't is great this weather,  we are so lucky we have this weather that we can sit out in our gardens and have nice walks’


Person 2

‘Typical! The weather is nice when we can't go anywhere !’

We must mind our language as our children will pick up on it and use it as theirs. I notice my mum would sometimes use person 2 language and although I have been away from home and reconditioned by a spiritual awakening I have noticed myself picking it back up again.


These 2 people are experiencing the same day but one is having a worse day than the other because of her brain language which is causing resistance in her brain ( if you know a person 2 you will notice everything always happens to them *cough* law of attraction *cough*). Person 2 has trained her brain into seeing the bad in any situation and not looking for the good. 


This is not just one sentence, this is a bad brain habit that could turn automatic. In time constantly using this language will train you to see the bad in every situation. Person 2 could probably get a pay rise and still point out something bad about it.


We must always be training our brain to see the good in any situation, not only for our own mental health but for our children. Starting early with positive language means children will develop the habit of a positive mind and finding the good in situations will be installed in the automatic computer part of the brain. Just like driving a car becomes unconscious, your children will grow up with automatically turning bad situations into good.


Lead by example and mind your language

Sinead 'sees the light in the dark' Hegarty

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