My E-book is now available to buy...eek!

relationship Jun 08, 2020

Hello Sygals

My Ebook is now available to buy...eek!

I'm super nervous about releasing this as it's the first time I’ve ever charged for my words. However, I put so much time and effort into writing this and went completely out of my comfort zone, as you can probably tell from my emails... I'm not a writer (For example I want to put ‘lol’ right here )

When I started this newsletter I had no idea what I was even going to write each week, but as I wrote them and received your feedback I was so overwhelmed and it finally gave me the self-confidence to write a book on how to improve your relationships.

I was pushed to write this E-book as I heard the anonymous confessions of the public in lockdown- how they couldn't stand their loved ones and were even thinking of divorce after lockdown. In that moment listening to those confessions, I knew I had information that the public needed, not only to save their relationships but to improve them!

Are you constantly fighting with a loved one ?
Are you frustrated that they can’t see it from your point of view ?
Do you want a deeper meaningful relationship ?
Is your partner repeating the same mistakes ?
Do you even know what your partner needs in order to feel loved?
Are you coming to blows with your loved ones and don't know how to resolve it ?
Do you want to start your self-love journey ?
Do you want to stop feeling guilt and shame about your mistakes ?
Do you want a happy household ?
Do you want to find love and hold on to it ?
Do you struggle with insecurity ?
Do you struggle with commitment or have a partner that struggles with commitment ?
Have you not forgiven your partner for something he/she has done in the past ?
Would you like to know how to be less anxious ?
Do you want to be happy within your own inner state ?

Then you should buy my first e-book ‘Relationships- you should know these things’ to buy just click here !

Thank you so much for always supporting my work by sharing and sending me lovely messages. This is my first ever venture into independent writing and I would love to continue this path so I appreciate all your support.

Sinead ‘shitting herself right now’ Hegarty