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fitness Mar 09, 2020

Impact Whey Protein

The UK’s #1 protein powder for your everyday nutrition.

People always ask about protein powder. I simply use the impact whey, it has 20g of protein per scoop and 1g of carbs. My favourite flavours are chocolate brownie, chocolate smooth and chocolate peanut butter, I sometimes mix it up with salted Caramel for my shakes 

My famous shoats I use chocolate brownie whey with frozen raspberries oats with water all topped with peanut butter powder from my protein 

Peanut Butter Powder

With 70% less fat than regular peanut butter, get your fix without the extra calories.

Satisfy your peanut butter cravings with none of the guilt — this powdered blend has 70% less fat than classic supermarket alternatives, giving you a quick-mixing snacking solution that’ll keep your training on track


Zero-calorie flavouring that’ll transform your food.

Cutting fat and sugar from your diet doesn’t have to mean your meals are bland and boring. Our unique FlavDrops™ let you naturally flavour food and drinks without taking on extra calories.

Get yours in over 15 flavours, with delicious favourites including Toffee, White Chocolate, and Vanilla.

Vitamin C, B12 and Electrolytes 

Absolutly swear by these I noticed a massive difference in skin, energy and even sex drive with Vitamin C and B12. The electrolytes have prevented me from holding water as my body would hold water in hot climates due to all the sweating.

Favourite Protein Snacks

Vegan Carb Crushers

Indulgent triple-layered, low-sugar snack.

Although I’m not vegan these are my favourite protein bars from MyProtein, I have a protein bar most days as my end of the day treat with a little cup of tea.

Protein Crisps

Soy-based high-protein snack — perfect for when you’re on the move.

I absolutely love crisps so these are always in my basket and they are under 100 cals per pack with 11grams of protein, so you can hit your protein targets whilst eating your fave treats.

Protein Spread

An indulgent chocolate spread alternative, made with whey.

If you are a big fan of Nutella this tastes even better and has a much better macro to keep you on track.

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