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Resistance and your Body

spiritual Mar 09, 2020

For years I never accepted my body I always wanted more , I wanted to look like others, I wanted a 6 pack, I wanted a bigger bum.

But all your doing is causing pain and resistance, and your body will pick up on it! Trust me!

When you fully accept your body how it is you just end your suffering because at the end of the day the only person that needs to accept is you. Your partner accepts your body like you except theirs. Your family and friends accept your body as you accept theirs without thought.

The only person you need to impress is yourself so end your suffering accept it as it is. And if you wanna change it YOU CAN! So accept how it is and make changes where needs to be.

Another thing I will add , why are we so lazy why do we want the easy way out. Why do people send me messages asking on how to shift weight? 

I wanted a change in my nutrition so I went and got the information I put time in so why do you want the easy way out and get someone to tell you for free, if you wanna change something put the effort in find out how to calculate your calories . Get a PT invest in your body you only have one!

If your car needs fixed you put money into to fix it and you get multiple cars in your life , so if you wanna fix the relationship with your body go out there get in the information it’s all there in books in articles etc!

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