Say Your Goals Out Loud

motivation Jun 08, 2020

So today I finished 2 books which now brings me to a total of 5 books for the month of April


On April 1st I wrote down my goals for the month which was 4 books this month and 5k run in 23 minutes. I usually have no idea of my productivity but I want to tell you why it's so important to write down your goals.


Have you ever tried to build a puzzle without seeing the picture on the box ?

So how can we go about our daily lives without knowing our desired outcomes ?


Even if you think 5 books is too much, at least there is something to strive for. When you finish that book in 10 days you can think oh yes if I keep going I can make 4 books this month and it gives you that little push and maybe you read an extra page each day. 


We need goals as guidelines to align our daily habits.


I was running 5k in 35 minutes when I wrote the goal to complete 5k in 23 minutes.I knew somehow when I wrote it down that the universe would start manifesting it ( It was actually a test for the universe from me) and although I kind of cheated and ran down hill-  I still sprinted 23 minutes to reach my goal and every stride was an action of the what I had written down 24 days prior. 


It’s coming to the end of the month and I want you to get out your journal and write down some goals for the month. Get excited to put pen to paper this month.


How many books would you like to read ?

How many steps would you like to do per week ?

How many minutes would you like to complete your 5k in?

How many squats can you do without stopping ?

What would you like your relationships to look like ?

How much money would you like to have saved ?

What new skill would you like to learn? (skillshare is the online course website you need)

Use your goals to guide your decisions


If you would like to get started with your reading and complete one book in one day I would suggest the book I read today in matter of hours ‘Who Moved My Cheese’ it's a great little metaphor book on how to adapt to change which is exactly what we all need in this pandemic


Sinead ‘The Universe Told Me To Cheat’ Hegarty