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She Doesn't Deserve My Friendship

relationship Jun 08, 2020

‘ She is so nasty though ? she doesn't deserve it ’


What do you do when your so-called friend doesn't feel like too much of a friend?


Maybe she stole from you or told your boyfriend something she shouldn't have? Maybe she's just being a little mean and not treating you very nice.


My friends would actually scold me for being nice to these ‘toxic friends’ . They would say they don’t deserve my friendship or my kindness but I don't care.


I will never stop acting from acting from love and light. I will always act with kindness and empathy. Afterall, you don't know what they have gone through or why they act the way that they do. 


I'm not saying I will continue to be around this person but I will never be nasty to them, if they called on me for a favour I know that I would always say yes.


Why ? because if you continue to act with love and light maybe one day they will follow in your footsteps. One day it might click in their head that they should be kinder like you. You didn't have to change or act nasty to her you just had to be your true kind self.


The Story Of The Drunk Cleaner


One trip in Thailand I had this very dodgy cleaner, she stunk of booze and didn't do a great job at the cleaning. One day I noticed money missing, I was certain she had stolen the money but I said nothing as it wasn't much.


 I decided to play an experiment with her, instead of going to her manager and tattling I thought I would act out of light. Next time she cleaned my room I gave her a very generous tip and offered her a drink. I remember my friend Siobhan was there at the time and said I was mad.


However, after that day there was nothing ever stolen from my room again and my room was getting extra special attention with the cleaning. It proved to me that if you reach out and be kind even when they dont deserve it, they might see your kindness and take a leaf out of your book.


They may not see it today or tomorrow but someday they might look back and you were the reason they became kinder.


Sinead ‘ Kill with kindness’ Hegarty

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