So someone is talking crap about you?

mental health Jul 22, 2020

‘Sinead, how do you deal with the negative comments?’


‘What do I do these girls are talking crap about me?’


‘They are bitching about me behind my back saying I’m ___ and ___ when I’m not !’



Let me give you some wise words


The only person that can define you, is YOU


You spend all damn day with yourself, so you should know yourself pretty well by this stage.


When someone tries to talk about me- I say go ahead because no matter what you say, I know that I am a good person, I know what I do with my 24 hours -I get up each day and try to better myself.


My day is filled with self-development and reflection. I try my best to help others. I’m aware of my past behaviours and mistakes- We are all human btw, we all make mistakes so don’t let anyone ever judge you for that. You are the judge of you and that’s all that matters.


On the other hand, the person that wakes up and spends their day putting others down, gossiping and searching outward for someone to blame. I envy them as in the words of Eckart Tolle in the amazing book A New Earth:


Anger and resentment are just mental poison-if you were able to see the physiological changes that take place inside your body when possessed by such negative states, how they adversely affect the functioning of the heart, the digest system and the immune systems, and the countless other bodily functions, it would become abundantly clear that such states are indeed pathological, are forms of suffering and not pleasure.


So, the person using their 24 hours to feel anger and resentment for another is only causing themselves their own suffering. Don’t add to their suffering by retaliating. Instead, send them love and kindness in meditation and pray they become aware of their actions.


Keep flourishing and shining throughout your day, fill it with interesting conversations, goal setting, exercise and good food because you are the only person who defines you so make sure you’re happy with your 24 hours and everything will be gravy baby.


Sinead ‘Prays For Her Bullies’ Hegarty