Surrender To Spirituality

spiritual Jun 08, 2020

The other day my mum couldn't find the dog lead 


I don't know about anyone else's mum but my mum prays to St. Athony when she loses things.


I’ve thought about this prayer so deeply. I used to roll my eyes when she said that, I used to think  ‘she's a bloody eejit isn't she’


Turns out she had it right all along. 


When we surrender to a higher power that is when we release resistance in our minds.


So anyway...mum was going crazy looking for this dog lead, I mean for days asking me where the hell it is ( as if to know where she put it) she was running around hoking out each cupboard.


I knew she needed to ask the universe to release the resistance in her thoughts but instead I said ‘mum pray to st anthony’


The moment she prayed to St Anthony she surrendered her resistance and let St Anthony do the work. When you ask the universe for something it is done ! You now must listen out for signs to guide you. Moments passed and she said she had this inkling about the blue bin. She opened up the blue bin to find the bloody dog lead ! we laughed and blamed mums post menopasal symptoms ( so glad mum isn't subscribed to my emails )


It is so beautiful to know that something higher is taking care of things, maybe that's why we struggle as a generation with negative thoughts and anxiety because we have no connection to  spirituality. Back in the old days if someone was having an operation your granny would light a candle and let the good lord do his work. There was no resistance and painful thoughts our grandparents just allowed the lord to do its job. 

Whatever you want to call it God/universe/spirit It doesn't matter. There is something higher looking after us, putting things in our way and guiding us if only we look out for it. It is time to ask for what you want then surrender to spirituality and know that whatever will come your way was put there.


Release your resistance  and allow the universe to show you to the blue bin when it's the right time. After all if the universe didn't put the dog lead in the blue bin I wouldnt of written this email.


The universe is too clever so why not surrender.


The book you should surrender to is The Super Attractor- Its reminding me how to align your thoughts with the universe to attract what you desire.


Sinead ‘surrendered to spirituality’ Hegarty