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The Cheat Sheet to Achieving Your Goals

business Jul 23, 2020

Don’t underestimate the power of role models


Today I want you to understand that if someone has done it before, then it’s possible for you to achieve. Many of us want our own unique goals and don’t want to be seen as copying anyone, but all ideas stem from something or someone.


It’s ok to look up to someone, it’s ok to be inspired by them- It will give you a guide to your goals.


If I asked you to make the world’s best cheesecake would you be able to make it? No?


Ok, so, what if I gave you the step by step recipe. I gave you the exact amount of ingredients down to each gram and the exact amount of time to set etc. Would you be able to make it then? Yes! of course, because I gave you each step. It is now your responsibility to model the exact recipe.


If someone inspires you, maybe it’s your boss, maybe it’s your mum or maybe its a public figure. Either way, they can be your own personal cheat sheet! If you can model your role models behaviors down to the last milligram of ingredient- you too can have what they have.


This week I want you to look for your role models. I want you to get your journal out and figure out who you look up to.


Then I want to ask yourself in your journal:


Why does this person inspire me?

What are their behaviors?

What are their daily habits?

What do I need to do to achieve my goals?

What must I change in my daily routine to achieve my goals?

What is holding me back from my goals?


So how do we find out what our role models do?


We can ask them if we know them personally. Start asking all the questions to anyone in your life that you look up to.


What time do you get up?

Do you read? What books?

What podcasts do you listen to?

How long did it take you to lift that much in your deadlift?

How often do you train?


Even small goals such as having a consistently clean home. My mum has a consistently clean home. So I begin to watch her behavior. I watch how no matter if she is late, she makes sure the house is clean. This is different from my behavior. If I am late I will leave everything messy. So if I want a consistently clean home there is one tip I need to implement in my life.



If our role models are public figures and we can’t personally ask- listen to their podcasts or read their books. This will give you an insight into their behaviors. When I did my first speech I was super nervous so I began listening to podcasts with people who have done TED talks. They gave me loads of tips- One of the tips was doing 50 air squats before practicing my speech in order to have a similar heart rate to being on stage and that’s how I practice my speeches!



Get curious, or stay stuck


The person that asks is a fool for 5 seconds, the person that doesn’t ask is a fool forever.

-James clear


My biggest tip!


From me to you I’m going to give you a head start on the most successful people’s behaviors. Out of all the books I’ve read, courses I have completed and podcasts I have listened to; I assure you the most practiced behavior of a successful person is meditation!


I can’t even express the benefits of meditation enough. It is the reason I am where I am. You must look within to figure out what’s important to you.


I have attached a small meditation that will help you see what’s inside your soul. Just click here.


Sinead ‘ the annoying question asking girl’ Hegarty



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