The End Of All Suffering

mental health Jun 08, 2020

I always wondered why I never hated anyone or how I could just forgive anyone. I always say I would forgive a man if he killed my dad.


Very extreme I know! However as I read this book Altruism I can understand that altruism, compassion and empathy is something I have been practising for years.


If you get into the mindset of another person you can truly be free from hatred.



Altruism is a motivational state in which the ultimate goal is increasing others welfare.


My Approach is something like this:


If I look deep inside myself, I want not to suffer. I do not want to wake up in the morning thinking ‘may i suffer all day, if possible all my life’ When I have recognised this aspiration not to suffer within myself, what happens if I mentally project into the awareness of another being? Like me, he is perhaps under the sway of all kinds of torments and great mental confusion, but, like me wouldn't he too prefer, if possible, not to suffer? He shares my desire to escape suffering and this wish is worthy of respect.

Think of someone that causes you pain to think about, someone who makes you feel hatred. Now, realise they are human just like you and do not choose to wake up in the morning to suffer. Once you realise you both have the same goal you can slip into compassion and empathy.


The fundamental cause of suffering is ignorance. We will continue to suffer if we choose to be ignorant to the fact others don't intend to cause harm they cause harm because they are under a sway of ignorance and the mental poisons that ignorance engenders.


When someone's actions seem cruel and unfair, we shouldn't wish harm on the harm do-er. We should wish that the harm-doer becomes aware of his deviance and thus stop harming his fellow beings. This reaction will relieve you of the hatred and end your suffering, it is not a sign of weakness but a sign of wisdom. 


If everyone read this book the world would be a beautiful place - Buy it here


Sinead ‘’ Love Thy Hater’ Hegarty