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There Is Beauty In Being Broke

motivation Jul 21, 2020

Mark Manson sent an email today ( If you are not on his mailing list get on it!) One of the questions he asked himself today was;


What’s the best thing that has ever happened to me?


He goes on to describe how the pandemic as tragic as it was, it was one of the best things that could have happened to him due to what he has achieved, how he has changed his outlook on life and the amount of quality time spent with his family.


This got me thinking about some of the best things that have happened to me, the ones that made the most impact on my life are the ones that at the time seemed so tragic at the time.


Being broke as f********k was one of the best things that ever happened to me!


When I reached my lowest point and hadn’t a scent to my name: what I realized was that, it wasn’t the end of the world. I still had my health and my mindset. I had a roof over my head and some amazing friends to talk to.


All that worry about being broke, before I was actually broke was so over-exaggerated. I got by ( even if I had to steal cans of tuna )


Now, why was being broke the best thing that ever happened to me?


A few months later whilst I was working on the farm in Australia I gathered all of 4 thousand dollars (doesn’t seem like a lot but, it was the most money I had ever saved)


I was buzzing with business ideas and creativity but, I was stuck working in a bar that was draining my energy.


I had an idea to hold a singles event in Sydney but it would cost me all of my 4 thousand dollars- Yep! I wouldn’t have one scent left in my bank if I went through with it.


I remembered being skint before and thought- f**k it! I’ve been skint before and I can do it again, after all, I didn’t die the last time. This is an opportunity to stop working for someone else and actually invest in myself and my ideas. So I hired a boat, A Dj, some staff. I designed a website and started marketing my event.


My relationship with failure changed, I didn’t care if I failed- at least I tried to pursue my goals if I failed then sure what odds at least I got a lesson out of it!


I put every scent in and guess what I tripled my 4 thousand and haven’t worked for anyone but myself since!


So the lesson here is, we must learn to love our fate. When we are going through something rough such as heartbreak, failure or being so skint you stole some tuna; we must learn to find the lesson in what life has thrown us. Most of our failures have taught us something so valuable but you must look for it.


Today’s task


I want you to look back on all the tough times and I want you to reflect on what the have taught you and how they have formed the person you are today.


This way when tragedy hits you, you can see it with a new light, you can search for the lessons and the meaning rather than fixating on the negative.


Begin loving your fate, it has come to serve you


Sinead ‘hasn’t stolen a can of tuna since’ Hegarty

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