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Want to lose Weight?

fitness fitness & nutrition nutrition Jul 23, 2020

Meditating can help you lose weight


Today I went out for a 2km run and ended up doing 14km!!


That is the longest I have ever run without stopping in my whole entire life!


I didn’t even think about how long I was running for when I was running, I just concentrated on being present listening to my music and saying no to looking at my applewatch.


The first kilo-meter or two is always the hardest, so I usually distract myself with an audiobook in order to get away from my mind telling me ‘running is so awful stop Sinead go home ye pleb’. Then when I’ve settled my mind, I amp it up and listen to my tunes.


I just decided to enjoy the music and listen to my thoughts on the way (I thought of the next 5 emails so lucky you) but the biggest rule of all today was: DO NOT LOOK AT THE WATCH just keep running.


So what has this got to do with meditating and losing weight you ask?


Meditating is all about saying no!


Saying no over and over again to all your thoughts. You are constantly thinking and drifting away from the present and from your breath, so you have to constantly discipline yourself by saying ‘no mind, I don’t wanna think about why sally gave me a dirty look in Tesco’ and then you bring yourself back to the present moment and to your breath.


This is why people find it hard to meditate they feel like they can’t shut off, but even the best meditators in the world can’t shut off their thoughts and that is why they meditate. I constantly think during meditation but by saying no to the thought and coming back to my breath I am training my mind to be much stronger than it was ten minutes prior.


Constantly telling your brain no for ten minutes a day in meditation will also help you with discipline in all aspects of your life.


I find when I meditate saying no is much easier. I found today I had a really good morning meditation and yoga session, so saying no to looking at my apple watch whilst running seemed easy. My mind wasn’t pulling me to give in, I just simply enjoyed the present moment of running.


It also helps me say no to food I do not need. When I’ve been practising meditation I’ve noticed it becomes so much easier to say no when I’m full. Because let’s be real, we all know that eating 3 bags of crisps and a tub of ben and Jerrys is not going to help us lose weight- but, yet we still decide to binge out even when we are full. But it’s not because we don’t know how to lose weight or achieve our fitness goals it’s because we haven’t yet mastered the skill of saying no to our brains.


So boom! Basically meditation helps you lose weight (if that’s your goal)


So here are some book recommendations


Firstly, If you don’t know about fat loss, I would suggest reading James Smiths’ book: Not Just A Diet Book. After all, if you desire to lose fat- shouldn’t you know all the information about it instead of winging it? Stop wasting your time winging it when the information is right there. Then Get a trainer to keep you motivated. ( Not being biased but my friend Siobhan is a pretty good one ;) )


Secondly, the book I would suggest for being present is The Power Of Now: It will teach you how to live in the present moment and how to quiet your mind. It is the most sold book on my website and It has the highest review rate of changing peoples life- Sooo Buy it :)

Thirdly, if you want to train your brain i would suggest the book Change You Brain Change Your Life

Fourthly, here are 4 meditations I love- whatever one you’ve been drawn to first- click it and do it!


Remove negative energy


Finding purpose


Love and kindness


Clear negativity and let in light



Sinead ‘anyone got a blister plaster’ Hegarty

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