What I Talk about in Therapy

motivation Aug 09, 2020

Make Therapy Cool



I was actually ordered by my therapist to throw myself a birthday party this year, I have never been one to celebrate my birthday. My therapist reminded me that I deserve to be celebrated so I need to throw myself a party.


Every year I never make a deal and expect nothing on my birthday. But what I’ve realized is that by expecting nothing and not planning anything it ultimately shields me from feeling hurt. I’m guessing when I was younger I may have been hurt or let down on some birthdays so I just decided to close that door to avoid feeling let down.


I think people have the idea that if you have a therapist you must be nuts. I want people to know that’s not the case. Having therapy has given me so much confidence in myself by rewiring my old thought patterns. Sometimes we need an extra boost in our lives to remind ourselves we are amazing and we deserve happiness.


I even called my therapist before releasing my first ebook and told her I didn’t want to charge for it. I thought why would people pay for my writing. She reminded me of all the hard work I have done not just researching relationships but all the self-development work I’ve done for years and how it has led me to this point so of course, I would need to charge people for my writing. I don’t call my therapist to cry about anything. She helps me unlearn all by old conditions we have been taught to believe in myself more to chase my dreams. I’m on a mission to make therapy cool so if anyone thinking about getting a therapist then do it you will explore your own limiting beliefs and flourish as a person.


Growing up we have always been taught to stay on the straight and narrow, that we are silly and deluded to have such big dreams. I was always told to stop showing off and if I felt good I had a ‘big head’. I began to simmer down my personality in order to fit into society.


We think the people who have dream jobs, dream houses and dream lives are just lucky or maybe came from a rich family. But you are wrong, there is one difference between the people with the dream lives and you. The people with the dream lives believed they could have the dream life and felt they deserved it.


I’m telling you know that you deserve your dreams. I want you to understand that if you believe you can have it you will have it. But if you are sitting there now saying oh no I couldn’t possibly have the dream house or the dream job then that’s where you will sit until you recognize your potential.


You will only see it when you believe it


The chances of you being on this earth are one in a trillion.

You made it on to this earth despite the odds

So use your potential and believe in yourself and when it’s your birthday fucking celebrate!!! Show the universe your gratitude for putting you here and understand you deserve to be celebrated because you a pretty darn amazing!


Book recommendation:

If you want to unleash your power and really use your full potential you must purchase Awaken the Giant Within it's is my bible. I carry it everywhere!


Journal prompt


Think of all the things you would like. Maybe a house, a job, a car. Do you tell yourself you couldn’t possibly have it? And if you do ask yourself why can’t you have it ?? What is stopping you? Is it truly unachievable or do you just not believe you can achieve it?


Sinead  ‘had the best birthday ever’  Hegarty