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motivation Jun 08, 2020

So, I'm back in Dublin now after 8 weeks isolated in the country with my parents. I guess I will be here now for the foreseeable, which I'm pretty happy about. I love dublin, I love how friendly everyone is and I always say I’m super aligned walking around the city.


As an extrovert, I actually get a buzz off new peoples faces, I love talking to strangers and just generally interacting.


It's funny to watch the reactions of others as I interact. When I'm buying my lunch or a coffee, I ask the waiter or shop attendant their name straight away and ask how they're doing. Some people giggle and think it's a little forward. When someone asks me how I am I say


‘I’m Fantastic !’


I try my best to use transformational vocabulary to not only transform my emotions, but to transform others. Today, at the food hatch I asked his name and had a bit of chat- he had a bit of giggle at me but I know I transformed his emotion and gave him a little kick out of automatic routine. Siobhan was like ‘sorry she just got here from the country she’s a little excited’ - but she should know by now this is not me excited, this is me!


When I worked in the bar and I responded with words such as excellent, amazing and fantastic and not only did it change my emotion towards my day, but the other person would be taken over with a contagious smile. (P.S. I was the best barmaid you ever did see, if only I was good at pouring drinks instead of chatting hehe)



What I have done over the years is become more aware of my language and how it affected others and how it affected myself. Before, I would have habitual vocabulary such as


‘Awk, not so bad’

‘Same old, same old’

‘Awk that weather would depress ye’

‘It's so depressing isn't it ?’


At the end of the day, am I really depressed ? No! I'm just using the word automatically out of habit, yes I may be a little frustrated with something but using the word depressed only brings on an emotion I don't want to feel. So replace the words that don't empower you, with the words that empower you!



I'm feeling;


Depressed - not on top of/on the road to a turn around/ a little frustrated nothing I can't fix

Anxious- A little concerned/excited/ expectant

Failure- a lesson/ redirection

Lazy- storing energy

Confused- curious

Lonely- temporarily on my own

Okay- Fantastic/fabulous/amazing

Happy- buzzing/totally blissed/ Ecstatic

Awake- Raring to go

Good- Dynamite/vibrant/ couldn't be better


Try watching your words this week...and the try replacing the with powerful words to see the change in your mood

Change you vocabulary, change your day!

This is all from my bible Awaken The Giant Within by Tony Robbins- The book that changed my life upside down and gave me so much clarity!


Sinead ‘Feeling Fucking Fantastic’ Hegarty

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