You Cum First ;)

mental health Jul 22, 2020

What I want you to understand in this email, is that although goals are so important to have in order to shape your behaviors and habits. It is also important to consider, how you treat yourself every day in the lead up to the goals. As cliche as it sounds:


It not the destinations its the journey



Speaking from experience of someone how has achieved a few goals, when you get to the goal, your immediately on to the next and what I regret most after I achieve a goal is the days I stressed myself out.


When I was writing my book or setting up my company, I looked back after I had achieved my goal, and what I regretted most was the days I would roll out of bed straight to the laptop, where my head would be buried for the entire day without even brushing my hair.


I gave zero love to myself those days, I was just committed to a deadline, and when I look back I say I will never let that happen again, because the journey is just as important.


What’s the point of achieving a goal if you caused yourself pain and stress all the way there? it’s just not worth putting yourself last.


This is when I came up with my ‘Hour of Love’ and made sure I was giving myself love each morning.


My hour of love consists of all the things that make me smile and glow.


Hour of Love

Sipping my coffee with not phone, listening to my wandering thoughts

Give myself a hug, or what I’m doing now is giving a Siobhan a hug







I talk about the hour of love more in my ebook but the point is, you must work on you everyday. YOU COME FIRST.


So I got up a little earlier to practice this and now at the end of every goal not only do I feel accomplished but I have grown more in love with myself.


P.S. When you do all the things you love in the morning and retreat to your happy place. You come out unfu*ckable. Let see someone try to annoy you then eh?!


The destination is pointless, if you ignore yourself on the journey.


So next time you go on a long car journey, remember you are in charge of how the journey goes, so get them tunes on full blast, don't get lost and enjoy the ride!