You Will Never Feel Like It!

motivation Jul 22, 2020

‘I will read that book when I’m in a better state of mind’


‘I will do that course when I have more time’


‘I will do that workout when I feel good’


‘I will meditate when I’m in a better place’



I’m going to let you in on a little secret…You will never feel like it!


We sometimes wait for the gust of motivation to achieve goals, but it’s not motivation we need its 5 seconds of fast courage!


I’ve been reading the 5second Rule by Mel Robbins this week and she is so right- it’s all about making the decision within 5 seconds before our brains talk us out of it.


I think sometimes we get the message from our guidance system


‘Do that course’

‘Read that book’

‘Speak up at the meeting with your idea’

‘Do the workout’

‘Go speak to that guy at the bar’

‘Start writing a book’


Then we have 5 seconds .. We rather have the courage and do it, or after 5 seconds we talk our brains out of it.


Your guidance system is giving you a sign go talk to that guy! - and what do we do? We feel the universe talking to us and we bloody talk ourselves out of it with our silly doubts…. Oh no, he wouldn’t talk to me… Oh, that idea is stupid everyone will laugh...I’ll do that course when I have more time… I will replace the empty toilet roll later!


This is why you need to implement the 5-second rule in all aspects of your life!


When you hear your brain telling you to do something that will benefit your future… 5 4 3 2 1..GO!


When I look back at all the things I have achieved, it really comes down to 5 seconds of courage.


The time I was in Thailand with barely any money. I was shitting myself to go to Australia alone with hardly any money. But, I knew if I was to go back at that moment I would go back to my old job and get back with my old cheating boyfriend. I said 5..4..3..2..1 and I booked my flight to Sydney. My soul was shouting it and I didn’t let my brain talk myself out of it.


When I wanted to start my own wellness retreats I hadn’t a bloody clue how to even begin starting a business but my soul was screaming so I said 5..4..3..2..1- and boom! I made a poster announcing my new business. Did I have anything set up? No! Did I have a website? No! Did I have any idea about event planning? Not a clue… But I plucked up the courage and found out all the details later.


Do you think I felt like going to business classes and watching boring videos on how to start a business.? Do you think I wanted to take those risks and leave my comfortable job? Do you think I wanted to sit down and do financial business plans? Do you think I wanted to go to Australia alone with no money? Nope! EXACTLY! You will never feel like it! But your soul will fu*king thank you… Trust me!


So next time your soul is shouting just use the 5-second rule and go go go!


Use it everywhere you can to get into the habit


Oh I should really lift those clothes..5..4..3..2.1


Oh I should change the toilet holder...5..4..3..2.1


I really want to go travelling buuuuuut… No, but... 5..4..3..2..1


I should go for a run but its rainiiiiiii… before you finish that sentence..5..4..3..2..1


Meditating seems like it benefits your mental health but I just….nope! Your brain is telling you something..5..4..3..2..1


Watch how 5 seconds of courage can change your life!


Success is not a matter circumstance, it’s a matter of courage